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Dynamics and statics | Veins / circulation | Back and posture| Health profile

Check: Dynamic and static conditions

Whether from standing or sitting for long periods of time, carrying heavy loads, or walking on hard ground: 70% of the general population suffer from a foot misalignment such as splay foot or flat foot.

Over the long term, impaired posture due to misalignment causes hip and back pain, the primary reasons behind employee sick leave.

Using foot pressure measurement and orthopedic analysis, we check employees for potential risks and determine the need for appropriate action.

We also provide advice regarding the supply of work safety shoes with orthopedic foot orthoses.

Check: Veins / circulation

Loss of concentration and rapid fatigue are potential symptoms of a functional impairment of the venous system.

Sustained physical inactivity during seated or standing work can disrupt the circulatory system even in young employees, which can cause “heavy legs” and varicose veins or even life-threatening thrombosis.

The Bonn Vein Study from 2003 indicates that men and women are equally affected. Our modern, tried and tested Bodytronic system efficiently and precisely determines vein function in mere minutes.

Check: Back and posture

Nearly everyone has experienced back pain at some point, but the causes can vary widely. Pain and tension are often the result of one-sided strain or a degeneration of back muscles due to physical inactivity.

Mobility and function tests using video-based analysis, proven in physiotherapeutic practice, deliver rapid and reliable information about postural defects and provide a valid foundation for health promotion activities.

The mobility of the musculoskeletal system in the arm, hand, and knee are also considered.

Health profile

After the check is completed, every participating employee will receive detailed documentation of their personal measurement data with tips for follow-up actions, personal medical care or physiotherapy.

The health profile also contains simple exercises.

They can be completed quickly and easily at work or during free time, supporting the circulation and strengthening frequently strained muscle groups.

Health hotline

The health hotline is a valuable supplement to the health check. It provides employees with a onvenient way of receiving more detailed information about activities and the results of checks at any time.

In a confidential, anonymous discussion, qualified Bauerfeind representatives will give expert advice regarding all health question, including operational measures and questions regarding family members.

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